Our Ayran


Our Ayran Philosophy

We believe that Ayran should be crafted with passion & love. Our core focus is to provide the same Gozleme crafted in Turkey for the people of Sydney and Australia. As you know there are few manufacturers of Ayran, we believe our Ayran, is crafted the same method as in Turkish Village or Turkish restaurants. Below we have outlined how our Ayran versus other Ayran’s.

Our Method

We love using the methods and keeping it simple to our unique Turkish Ayran recipes, with the use of these methods we achieve same consistently as if you drank Ayran at a Turkish Village. Our Ayran is a simple combination of fresh ingredients which are carefully selected and put together, creating emotions at every mouthful.

Our Ayran VS other Ayran ‘s

Our Ayran is made by blending with three simple ingredients; yogurt, water & salt however others will add preservatives & will use milk instead of yogurt, to decrease the cost.

In a few words, our Ayran is simple, nutritious & refreshing yogurt drink, with just 3 ingredients only. Other Ayran’s will taste watery, milky and salty which is not a traditional Ayran.

Our Ayran has a shelf life of 22 days from the date of manufacture where others have over 3 months of a shelf like this simply shows it has added preservatives.

Why choose us?

We understand that every event has its own rhythm and flow and we are happy to dance along to the beat. Kocagoz provides delicious Turkish food to events from home parties to big parties in your choice of venue

We understand that a successful event means paying attention to the details. We know that it’s about having great tasting food. We know it’s about ensuring everyone is having a good time. Guaranteed to impress – even the fussy ones. Learn more about why we’re different!

How is our Ayran different from other Ayran brands?

When it comes to Ayran, we believe ‘taste is king’. As Ayran is the national drink of Turks, we want everyone to fall in love with this awesome drink and taste the Authentic Turkish yogurt drink. The main difference is that other brands will have their Ayran with a higher ratio of water to keep the costs low. In a few words, other brands are selling “industrialized Ayran”, learn more about industrialized Ayran in this research comparative study

What flavours does Ayran come in?

We only have flavour, which is the original flavour of Ayran, made with only three simple ingredients, Yogurt, water & salt.

How do I become a stockist of Kocagoz Ayran?

If you’d like to stock our Ayran in your store or outlet then get in touch! We would love to see it in your fridges for everyone to enjoy!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section which has plenty more useful information.

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