Frequently Asked Questions

Is your food Halal?

All our food served is from Halal Certified Suppliers

Does your Gozleme dough contain allergens such as egg, dairy, sesame, soy, legumes and nuts?

No, our Gozleme dough only contains, water, flour, and salt.

Do you use dough rollers to prepare Gozleme bases?

Obviously no! Every Gozleme is hand-rolled with a stick in the traditional way. Also, our Gozleme are made from handmade dough.

Is the Gozleme “gluten-free” or can we have “gluten-free” Gozleme catered in our event?

Unfortunately, no, we have experimented many ways of implementing gluten-free ways to create our Gozleme. However, we have not been satisfied with the taste with “Gluten-free” Gozleme, that’s why we will not be supplying Gluten-Free Gozleme. With our aim is to provide the best Turkish food you can find, Gluten-free Gozleme does not meet with our standards.

How is our Ayran different from other Ayran brands?

When it comes to Ayran, we believe ‘taste is king’. As Ayran is the national drink of Turks, we want everyone to fall in love with this awesome drink and taste the Authentic Turkish yogurt drink. The main difference is that other brands will have their Ayran with a higher ratio of water to keep the costs low. In a few words, other brands are selling “industrialized Ayran”, learn more about industrialized Ayran in this research comparative study

What flavours does Ayran come in?

We only have flavour, which is the original flavour of Ayran, made with only three simple ingredients, Yogurt, water & salt.

What are the benefits of drinking Ayran?

– Strengthens immune system
– Improves digestion
– Rich in protein & calcium
– Helps with weight loss
– Rich in various minerals & vitamins
– Natural shield against diseases

How do I become a stockist of Kocagoz Ayran?

If you’d like to stock our Ayran in your store or outlet then get in touch! We would love to see it in your fridges for everyone to enjoy!

How long does Ayran last after opening?

We recommend drinking within 2 days of opening, ensuring it is always kept below 4°C .