About Kocagöz.


Kocagoz bringing Sydney simple, tasty traditional Turkish Street Food, that you would only find roaming the streets of Turkey.

It derives from passion, culture and a standard of authentic quality others fail to match. Lovingly crafted traditional recipes are just the beginning, as you’ll discover the new and intriguing world of taste that is KOCAGOZ.

KOCAGOZ is a family-run business of Omer & his sons (hello from us). Our whole family is Turkish Street food-obsessed. With the focus on quality ingredients, including locally sourced meats, with luscious and plentiful vegetarian and vegan options, all designed to share. Fresh food is done right.

Sydney’s best Turkish street food invites you to experience our unique flavours and to join us amongst a friendly, warm atmosphere at local festivals, events and weekend food markets! We’d love to host your next big event supplying your guests with a traditional taste of Turkey making it a day to remember!

Our Story

The story of KOCAGOZ is the ultimate tale of overcoming odds through hard work and the dedicated pursuit of one’s passion.

That story begins with our founder, Omer Kocagoz. Born and raised in Turkey, he was struck with tragedy at the age of six when he lost his father. Despite the devastation, he was a hard worker, and at age twelve he landed himself a job as a chef in a hotel. Around this time, Omer’s mother asked him to join her in Australia. Finally, at seventeen, Omer was able to move to Australia to be with his mother. But once he arrived, his family refused him any financial support preventing him from receiving a formal education. Despite these setbacks, he was still able to learn English by working jobs around Sydney. His relentless work ethic, culinary skills, and boundless enthusiasm for Turkish street food would fuel his fiery ambition to form a few businesses over the years. His last formed business Rydalmere Kebabs is still running since 1999.

In 2014, Omer together with his four sons Huseyin, Muhammed, Cuneyd, and Selim, launched the KOCAGOZ brand with the intention of introducing flavourful Turkish street food to Sydney.

Our Mission

Kocagoz isn’t just our business. It’s our family, our culture and our way of life. Cooking is our passion, and we want to let our customers experience a little bit of what we know and love!

Our Vision

Since 2014, Kocagoz has specialised in providing Sydney-siders with authentic Turkish street food. We would love to strive to become the ultimate crowd-pleasing caterers for almost any event, serving as some of the finest Turkish Street Food in the area!

Here’s why we’re different!

Why Choose us?


Simple ingredients, but the right ingredients – That’s the secret behind the magic that is Kocagoz Turkish street cuisine!


We understand that events can be real budget-busters. The good news is that we’re here to help! We pride ourselves on our affordable catering services for whatever your guest list!


Food is our life. Carrying traditions straight from the streets of Turkey and into the heart of Sydney! Our culture drives our passion and inspiration for Turkish flavours and creativity!


Our Turkish treasures have been tantalising tastebuds around Australia for decades! It’s one thing to notice the quality, but it’s another to experience the difference!


Our Turkish street food dishes are created with unbeatably fresh ingredients – it’s a taste of Turkish cuisine at its best!


We’re fully committed to supporting your special event with a personalised approach to ensure all your catering needs are covered!