Our Pide


Our Pide Philosophy

We believe that Pide should be crafted with passion & love. Our core focus is to provide the same Pide crafted in Turkey for the people of Sydney and Australia. As you know there are hundreds of caters, restaurants, take-aways stores that craft Pide, we believe our Pide, is crafted the same method as in Turkish restaurant. Below we have outlined how our Pide versus other Pide’s.

Our Method

We love using the methods and keeping it simple to our unique Turkish Pide recipes, with the use of these methods we achieve same consistently as if you ate Pide at a Turkish restaurant. Our Pide is a simple combination of fresh ingredients which are carefully selected and put together, creating emotions at every mouthful.

Our Pide VS other Pide’s

Pide’s bread shouldn’t be thin or doughy. The pide’s bread should look normal, the better Pide will taste but others will have their Pide extremely fluffy, which will taste doughy & too heavy. Hence they will add unnecessary ingredients.

Our dough is made by handmade by blending with a special dough mix however others will add unnecessary ingredients like baking powder or add an excessive amount of yeast.

Our batch of Pide doughs will be given around 12- 24 hours of resting time & every crafted Pide will be made from fresh dough. Others will make their batches of doughs on the spot or 2 – 4 hours prior or will use 3 days old or 1-week old dough.

Our every Pide is hand-rolled with a rolling pin in the traditional way but others will use dough roller machines but they won’t able to achieve the idea pide dough base.

As our Pide is crafted by fresh dough, we will recommend people to consume Pide without squeezing the lemon (like traditional way). It’s sad to see, many places with giving out lemon wedges many of years have influenced the tradition of Turkish Pide in Australia.

Why choose us?

We understand that every event has its own rhythm and flow and we are happy to dance along to the beat. Kocagoz provides delicious Turkish food to events from home parties to big parties in your choice of venue

We understand that a successful event means paying attention to the details. We know that it’s about having great tasting food. We know it’s about ensuring everyone is having a good time. Guaranteed to impress – even the fussy ones. Learn more about why we’re different!

Does your Pide dough contain allergens such as egg, dairy, sesame, soy, legumes and nuts?

Yes, it contains milk, our Pide dough only contains, water, flour, yeast, milk and salt.

Do you use dough rollers to prepare Pide bases?

Obviously no! Every Pide is hand-rolled with a rolling pin & shaped with hand in the traditional way. Also, our Pide are made from handmade dough.

Do you make vegetarian options?

Yes. Even Turks eat vegetarian! we have many options for vegetarians, vegans, or those with food sensitivities. Please let us know how many guests require an alternative option, and we will work with you on a menu custom to their dietary needs.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section which has plenty more useful information.

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