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Updated: 20 August 2020
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What is Gozleme

A handmade pastry stuffed with fillings of your choice, Gozleme is folded fresh and cooked over a grill. Gozleme is quickly becoming the newest crowd-pleasing favourite when it comes to yummy and healthy snacks. This popular Turkish snack is making noise all over the restaurant world. A super tasty Anatolian flat bread folded over various savoury fillings, Gozleme really does the trick when you’re looking for a snack that’s going to fuel you for several hours.Gozleme may be new to your town, but the flavourful Turkish snack had been around for a long time. Delicious, fresh, and low fat, Gozleme. Has been a favourite in Turkish cuisine for ages.

History of Gozleme

Whether eaten as a savoury snack or for breakfast, you’ll find Gozleme a mouth-watering food loved by nearly all Turks. Most Turks prefer to enjoy Gozleme for breakfast while others enjoy it during the day for lunch or as a snack.

In Turkish towns and villages, you will find Gozleme everywhere in cafes and restaurants. Every region has its own variation of Gozleme. When you visit Turkish towns, for example, you will see older women sitting on the ground at a large, wooden “sofra” or short table where they prepare the dough of the Gozleme. It is a traditional village food made by women for centuries; however, these days you will find Gozleme kiosks and restaurants everywhere 

Gozleme is part of the family of flat bread. The technique and type of dough used to make the Gozleme are the same as that used to make “lavash,” a plain flat bread. The dough has some yeast added like “bazlama,” a smaller, leavened version of bread also cooked on the hot plate. Ancient Anatolians named this flatbread for the “göz” or eyes that appear as brown spots on the bread as it fries.

How is Gozleme made?

Turkish women who have made Gozleme for centuries. They make the hand-rolled dough, shaped into oval or square shapes. The thin bread is lightly brushed with eggs and butter or oil. It then folds over various toppings including minced beef, cheeses, or spinach, zucchini, eggplant, onion and potato, or mushrooms. These delicious “fillings” are sprinkled onto the dough just before the dough is folded, closed, and cooked over a griddle.

Is Gozleme Healthy?

Gozleme contains the nutrients your body needs daily. Rich with proteins, it balances your insulin level after the meal. Vitamin A supports your eye health. Vitamin C supports your immune system. And, calcium strengthens teeth and bones. One serving of a yummy Gozleme can keep your body well-supplied with nutrients and keep your cravings at bay.

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