Onsite Catering


Onsite catering is ideal for a point of difference to any event.

Kocagoz can offer onsite catering service to your next event, birthday party, corporate event, community events, or just casual office meeting involving a delicious Turkish Street Food to impress your guests. We will provide a unique, affordable, hassle-free onsite catering service.

Our friendly and professional team will provide 2-3 hours of food service to your guests, we cook everything fresh to order from our stand. As our food are cooked on location, guests can enjoy fresh Turkish Street Food in front of their eyes. Ideal for entertaining guest of your event including family and friends at venue o, we are fully flexible on location. We cater for onsite catering service across Sydney, and we can cater outside of Sydney, regions like Wollongong, Northern Beaches, and the surrounding areas

Our onsite catering services are ideal for a point of difference to any event. Delivering delicious Turkish Street food hot from the food station to your guests. It adds a certain wow factor, as our food station stand can be a central part to your event where you can watch us cook traditional fresh Turkish street food from our mobile stand.

If you are planning a celebration at the workplace or home, why not consider our onsite catering service. Our team can prepare a delicious selection of delicious food to take the stress out of entertaining at home!

What can we have?

Gozleme. Hand-rolled and filled with various fillings. We can make a selection from our menu and we are able to cater for most dietary requirements, including a Vegan menu.

Kebab. ** Coming soon **

How does it work?

We arrive 2-3 (depending on guest numbers) hours before service to set up, we need your site to be accessible for us to set up 2-3 hours before the catering service is set to begin. Once the food component of your event is over and everyone has filled their tummies, Kocagoz will be packed down and out of your way within 1.5 hours.

What do we require?

• Space of approx. 4m x 4m of flat ground to set up our food station stand. Please also allow room for the serving table if required

• Access to a power supply

• Sufficient lighting if your event is at night

• If possible, access to water for a hand wash would be great.

How much will it cost?

We can cater to any size group small or big. Simply fill out our catering enquiry form on our site and we will be in touch within one day, with a quote for your event. Your quote will include all setup, use of equipment, cooks, boards, napkins, and pack down. Waiting staff can be arranged for your event at $40 p/hr for a minimum of 2 hours

Can the guests watch you guys cook?

Yes, we have nothing to hide, our chef will prepare and cook everything in front of your guests.

How are guests served?

Service is provided directly from our food station. For a Gozleme catering, we will cook according to your chosen Gozleme menu, providing a steady flow of food for a set period of service. Guests can grab a whole pizza as they come out of the oven or from a buffet-style table (provided by you/venue) next to the food station if you would prefer small slices. Guests with dietary requirements (e.g. vegan friendly) can approach our team and order direct. We recommend serving your guests with special dietary needs first.

Is there a minimum number of guests you can cater for?

No, we have a minimum spend of $1100 in place which we do not have a minimum on the number of guests.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section which has plenty more useful information.

We want to make your event a success

Let us work with you to create a menu that suits your tastes and around the desired style of your event.